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Network with other Mines alumni on Facebook and LinkedIn! The Colorado School of Mines has active alumni communities on social media, and these are both great places to connect with other alumni and discuss job opportunities. 

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Helpful Career Information

Mastering the Phone Interview
In this article, Peter Vogt gives tips on succeeding at the easy-to-underestimate phone interview, and includes guidance on preparation and what to keep in front of you during the interview.
Timeless Career Tips
This list of tips has stood the test of time. Don't skip these!
Occupational Outlook Handbook
This is the Handbook generated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It's a great resource for discovering the job functions, work environment, pay and career path for a wide range of professions.
American Institute of Chemical Engineers Career Website
On this site, you will find resources for finding a job, career development and guidance, and even mentorship. Chemical engineering internships and networking opportunities are also posted here.
This is the "World's Most Visited Engineering Jobs Site." You can search jobs, post your resume and conduct jobs research.
Society of Women Engineers
If you're a female engineer, this site is a great resource for jobs, industry information, education and networking.
This site is a straightforward, bare-bones employment search engine.
Federal Government Jobs is the place to go if you're looking for employment with the U.S. government.

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