FAQs and Policies

What is an authenticator ID and why do I need it?
An authenticator ID is a unique number assigned to your record in the Colorado School of Mines alumni database. As a security measure, this ID is used for first-time access into the community. Once you are authenticated, you create your own username and password (please make these memorable!). Authenticator IDs are included in the address block of Mines magazine (directly above your name) and in the bottom left corner of an email from the alumni association. You may also email to request it; please include your full name, graduation year and degrees earned.

I seem to be having general problems when accessing your site. Are there minimum browser requirements for maximum accessibility?
Internet Explorer 6.0 and above on Windows98 or later
Firefox 1.5 running on Windows98 or later
Netscape 6.0 running on Windows98 or later
Firefox 1.5 running on Macintosh OSX 10.1 or later
Safari 2.0 running on Macintosh OSX 10.4 or later
Minimum screen resolution of 800x600 with recommended resolution of 1024x768. Session cookies and Java scripting must be enabled. Other operating systems and browsers may be used with varying degrees of compatibility, reliability and functionality.

Why is it that sometimes the online directory or the alumni job center is available to me and other times it isn’t?
First of all, you must be logged into the community to access directory or job center data. It’s a good habit to log in whenever visiting the site, so that all activity performed by you can be attributed to your record, such as registering for an event or updating membership. The history may be useful to you and aid future transactions.

I don’t know if I am a member or not. How can I tell?
Log in. There will be a notification after you log in.

Why isn’t the Online Directory and Alumni Job Center available to all alumni regardless of membership?
These are services provided for members.

If your CSMAA membership is due for renewal and you renew online, you will have access to the Online Directory and Alumni Job Center within one business day.

For assistance please email